FTP ES – FTP over explicit TLS/SSL

Well, recently one of the web hosting service that we use switched their FTP from normal plain text file transfer protocol to FTP ES. For some reason we could not get Cute FTP client to work with it but what certainly worked was FileZilla. There are two specific learnings that we’d like to pen down here.

1. If you’re managing more than one site from the same host – like most resellers do, please enter the IP address for the host name in place of ftp.yourdomain.com. This allows a single encryption handshake to work for every site that connects.

FTPES screen FileZilla FTP Client

2. If you’re behind ISA 2006, you’re in for another set of painful setting up. We haven’t succeeded so far but here are some links that might lead to some help.

Enabling Secure FTP Access Through ISA 2006 Firewalls (Part 1)

Enabling Secure FTP Access Through ISA 2006 Firewalls (Part 2)

We’re still looking into the details on this aspect and will update the post once we have something. Any help is more than appreciated.

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