Reseller Club – Personal DNS – How to

So your webhost has given you your own IP addresses. How do you set them up? Here’s how…

  1. In your Domain Reseller Control Panel, Under Domains Menu, search for the domain you wish to create Personal DNS
  2. Click on the link which says Click to Manage against the domain name which you wish to manage
  3. Click on the Modify Child Name Server button
  4. Enter “NS1” in the Name Server textbox and the first IP address provided by the webhost and click on ADD
  5. Enter “NS2” in the Name Server textbox and the other IP address and click on ADD
  6. You can repeat this for as many IP addresses you have received
  7. Finally, Click on the Modify Name Server button
  8. Supply the Name Server you have setup a while ago on your domain name and Click on Submit [ex: NS1.YOURDOMAIN.COM , NS2.YOURDOMAIN.COM ]