Loading Ubuntu Shares among ubuntu machines in LAN

I found this here. It’s been brought here so that I don’t miss it.

In this small Tutorial I will show you how to set up a working directory / file share between two or more Ubuntu Linux Computers.

We’re gonna share the directory /media/music on the Ubuntu Linux box ernie, in order to allow the other Linux box bert to access it and listen to ernie’s music, Let’s go!

1 – Setting up ernie (who is sharing the directory):

Just Execute the following commands in a Terminal on ernie

  • At first, we need to Install the Packages which are needed in order to share the files via NFS:
    sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server
  • Now, edit /etc/exports in order to share our music folder!sudo nano /etc/exports and add the line

    # /media/music bert(ro,async,all_squash)

    # the following worked for me where is the IP range of the LAN

    ro means “read only”, so the others can not delete your files. If you wish to allow writing to this directory, use rw “read write” instead!

  • Restart the NFS Server by executingsudo /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server restart
  • We’ve configured ernie very fast, didn’t we? Now it’s bert’s turn

2 – Setting up bert (who is using the directory):

Execute the following commands in a Terminal on bert

  • Install the needed “NFS Common” Package nfs-common
    sudo apt-get install nfs-common
  • Create your a music directory which will contain ernie’s directory and which is located at /var/music:mkdir /var/music
  • Mount ernie’s shared music directory to /var/music:sudo mount ernie:/media/music /var/music
  • Now you can access the files from ernie in your local direcotry /var/music – Have Fun!
  • If you wish to mount the Directory automatically each startup, just just need to modify /etc/fstab:Open the file using sudo nano /etc/fstab and append

    ernie:/media/music  /var/music     nfs r,hard   0  0

    (Use rw,hard instead of r,hard in case you shared the File as “read write” or you won’t be able to change files!)

3 – We’re finished

Setting up basic File Sharing between Linux computers isn’t as hard as everybody is saying, and I really hope this will help some Linux Beginners out there to manage it on their own.

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